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Reduce the Spread of Infectious Diseases in Medical Facilities with Banner Stakes

Retractable Barriers For Medical Facilities

Banner Stakes, a recognized manufacturer of Safety and Hazard Communication , offers several options for helping control the spread of Infectious Disease with in Medical Facilities.

According to the CDC, hospitals incur over $30 billion in costs each year from healthcare associated infections (HAIs). Clostridium Difficile (i.e. C.diff), a growing concern in healthcare facilities, was estimated to cause almost half a million infections in the United States in 2011.

29,000 died within 30 days of the initial diagnosis.

The majority of C. diff cases occur in or after exposure to health care settings – including hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. Without proper infection control programs in place, C. diff spreads easily in any facility.

Infectious pathogens spread mainly from hands to high touch surfaces such as furniture, beds, tables, medical equipment, and remote controls in patient rooms to walls, floors, door handles, and hospital equipment.

What We Can Do To Help

Banner Stakes has developed several products that can be used in an Infection Control Program. The 7’ & 30’ Magnetic Retractable Barriers

can be used to keep patients, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, visitors, and contractors away from hazardous conditions by placing them in doorways, hallways, and waiting room areas. The PLUS Cart Package is equipped with 5 Stanchions with 15’ Retractable barriers on them to be placed anywhere in a healthcare facility.

By using the Banner Stakes 7’ Magnetic Retractable Barriers on cleaned hospital rooms you can control the spread by keeping unauthorized personnel from entering a room thus re-contaminating it before a new patient moves in. These Magnetic Retractable Barriers can also be used in areas where “Terminal Cleaning” is taking place.

Banner Stakes 7’ & 30’ Magnetic Retractable Barriers are used for maintenance areas, construction areas, bathrooms, patient rooms, elevator maintenance, electrical rooms for ARC Flash Boundary, surgical rooms, nurse stations, security, and crowd control during a potential hazardous virus out break.

Banner Stakes PLUS Cart Package can be used around healthcare facilities for closing off waiting room areas for cleaning, around ladders during routine maintenance, closing of hallway sections for Floor Cleaning and Waxing, outdoor construction projects, over-head light maintenance in parking structures, painting areas, security, and crowd control.

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