Portable Queuing Barriers

Banner Stakes QLine barrier systems are the perfect safety solution for traditional crowd control and queue line management both indoors and outdoors. With aluminum posts and multiple finish and belt options, these durable retractable belt barriers are versatile and interchangeable to ensure optimal safety and operational efficiency.

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High-Quality Construction

Robust aluminum posts will not rust or corrode so they can be used in various applications both indoors and outside. Anodized finish will not peel or flake

Greater Visibility and Versatility

2.5" wide retractable belt is 25% larger than the standard competitor belts for higher visibility. Belts can be easily interchanged for greater versatility

Superior Components

Superior braking system forces the retractable belt to fall to the ground and retract slowly to reduce risk of injury

Combined Messages and Finishes 1 2 3

Safe Queueing

With retractable belts that are 25% larger than standard competitor belts, Banner Stakes QLine provides a safer experience in any facility.

What Makes Banner Stakes Unique?

  • 2.5˝ wide belt — 25% larger than competitors for greater visibility

  • Interchangeable belts allow for repurposing without the need for total system replacement

  • 3 receiver slots enable barriers to be deployed in any configuration

  • Superior brake allows for slow retraction to reduce risk of injury
  • Aluminum posts provide greater durability. Will not corrode or rust 

  • Recessed assembly in the base delivers enhanced stability so the post will not tilt or lean

  • Various Finish options available to suit any aesthetic

  • Dual-Belt Posts for ADA compliant queue lines and crowd control barriers
  • Cast-Iron Bases are solid and more resistant to impact in heavy traffic areas

  • Stainless Steel Base covers provide additional layer of protection and visual appeal 

  • Rubberized Feet protect floors from scuffs and allows air to flow underneath after cleaning

  •  Variety of Available Messages and colors for clear communication

The ultimate tool for crowd control and queue line management.

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X2 Set

This robust queue line system is ideal for organizing people and/or sectioning off unauthorized areas to keep people safe.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • High-quality construction to withstand harsh environments and heavy traffic areas
  • Low-profile base for easy accessibility
  • Allows for quick deployment of 7' of barrier
  • Available in black, chrome and matte finish options

Set Includes:

  • (2) Posts
  • (2) Bases with Stainless Steel Covers
  • (2) 7´ Retractable Belts
q-line-banner-stakes (3)

X1 Set

This retractable belt barrier system is a quick and effective solution for controlling people flow in heavy traffic areas in order to keep your facility running safely and smoothly.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Bold safety related messages to draw attention to potential hazards
  • Weighted base can tilt 45+ degrees and will not tip over
  • Modular for added flexibility 
  • Interchangeable belts for increased versatility 

Set Includes:

  • (1) Post
  • (1) Base with Stainless Steel Cover
  • (1) 7´ Retractable Belt
QLine Banner Stakes

Dual-Belt X2 Set

The ADA Compliant Dual-Belt system effectively eliminates the ability for someone to go underneath the barrier making it ideal for potential hazard zones and high-traffic areas.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Dual-belts allow for visually impaired to detect the lower belt with a cane
  • Option to change top and bottom belt messages on site without any tools
  • Robust anodized aluminum posts for prolonged durability indoors and outdoors
  • Dual-belts increase visibility and reinforce safety

Set Includes:

  • (2) Dual-Belt Posts
  • (2) Bases with Stainless Steel Covers
  • (2) 7´ Top Retractable Belts
  • (2) 7´ Lower Retractable Belts
qline 2x dual

Dual-Belt X1 Set

The Dual-Belt Retractable Barrier Set allows your facility to be accessible, providing proper safety barriers for all employees, customers and visitors.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Dual-belt prevents adults and children from going underneath the barrier
  • Nonpermanent installation to allow for mobility and flexibility
  • Slow-retraction belt for enhanced safety
  • Heavy-duty cast iron base includes metal cover for added protection 

Set Includes:

  • (1) Dual-Belt Post
  • (1) Base with Stainless Steel Cover
  • (1) 7´ Retractable Belt

Banner Stakes In The Field

The QLine is a must-have for any airport, retail location, hotel, or other commercial space where public safety and crowd control are necessary. 



Crowd Control

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Outdoor Queueing


Closing Restricted Areas

It’s time for a safety solution that works just as hard as you do.