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Clear Communication Enhances Customer Experience

Consistent safety standards across all your retail locations is essential. 
Highly Visible Safety & Hazard Communication Barriers Create Safer Retail & Commercial Areas
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Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers and guests should feel confident and reassured whenever they enter a retail store, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial space.

Our queue line solutions are versatile and interchangeable to ensure optimal safety and operational efficiency. 

Visibility and Safety

Customer satisfaction comes from a carefree engagement.

Our highly visible retractable belt and sturdy stanchion systems make it easy for customers to quickly identify where to queue, what areas are restricted, and how to safely maneuver throughout your space.

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Maintains Aesthetic

The customer experience starts with the visual aesthetic.

Every site, facility, and venue is unique and has varying needs. Our extensive variety of belt and finish options allows you to select the solution that best suits your needs for your individual site.

The Ultimate Tool for Retail & Commercial Safety

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Defining Spaces

Restricting access to unauthorized areas establishes safety and security

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Area Closures

Effective communication keeps people away from hazardous areas.

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Crowd Control

Controlling people flow keeps everyone safe and organized.

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Cleaning Areas

Temporary barriers make closing areas for cleaning quick and easy.

Ensure a safe and positive customer experience. 

We have the solutions that meet your needs.

Banner Stakes in the Field

A clean and orderly safety system promotes confidence. Our reliable barriers are the perfect solution for your retail & commercial needs.

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Lobby Waiting Areas

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Back Room

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Retail Stores

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Here for all of your commercial and retail safety needs.


The leader in portable safety barricades — Banner Stakes is setting the standard for quality & dependability. 

Very easy to use and everything in this cart that they would need. Might need some for our other plants.
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Let’s talk about what solution would work best for your commercial and retail needs.