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Clear Communication Creates Safer Public Spaces

A reliable safety program provides essential public security
Highly Visible Safety & Hazard Communication Barriers Create Safer Public Spaces
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Safety and Visibility

When it comes to public security, clear communication and organized traffic flow ensures safety and efficiency as both customers and employees move through a particular space. 


Providing a clean, attractive, and consistent safety system across all areas of a public space keeps people safe, organized and aware of what areas are safe to enter. 

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Every facility, site, and venue is unique and has varying needs so it is important to have a safety solution that is flexible and easy to use in order to respond to any situation. 

The ultimate tool for public space safety

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Concise messaging to quickly make people aware of potential hazards.

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Creating organized traffic flow protects employees and the public.

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Retractable belt barriers allow for quick closure of unauthorized spaces.

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Closing areas during cleaning reduces risk of injury.

Ensure a consistent, safe, and carefree experience. 

We have the products to meet your safety communication needs.

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The Cart Package is PLUS Line’s most robust product, and with 75’ of barrier it is best used for:

  • Sectioning off hazardous areas while conducting a large maintenance project 
  • Organizing proper people flow throughout a site
  • Quick response for spill containment
  • Creating an arc flash boundary
  • Easy storage and transportation of safety barriers

See It In Action

We have all the tools you need to ensure your public space is safe and properly protected.


Controlling People Flow

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Queue Lines

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Machine Protection

We are here for all of your public space safety needs.


The leader in portable safety barricades — Banner Stakes is setting the standard for quality & dependability.

Our maintenance team finds the mobile cart set to be an effective way to quickly move the barricade system to where it is needed and when taken down the cart is perfect for storing all the barricade parts. The Banner Stakes message barricade system provides effective security and safety in areas of possible hazards for workers. Since our work is done on high value materials it is important to keep everyone fully aware of the potential risks which Banner Stakes does.

Let’s talk about what solution would work best for your public spaces needs!