Industrial Strength Portable Barriers

The Banner Stakes' PLUS Line is a portable, versatile, and effective barrier system designed to lower the risk of accidents and injury on job sites or at events.

The telescoping stanchions, fillable bases, and interchangeable retractable belts provide unique safety benefits not found in traditional barrier systems, while the portability and storage capacity of the cart package allows for quick assembly and breakdown of the barrier system.


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PLUS Line Benefits

Versatile Stanchions

Telescoping stanchion extends 42” and includes a removable spike for dual-purpose use inside and out

Greater Visibility

The 2.5” wide retractable belt is 25% larger than the standard competitor belt to increase visibility and safety

Interchangeable Belts

Our interchangeable belts are available in the largest selection of in-stock messages to suit your safety needs


Industrial strength Cart offers easy mobility and quick assembly and break down of the barrier system

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Improve Site Safety

The PLUS Line Cart Package includes 75' of barrier system. When not in use, the cart can be conveniently stored in a closet, designated 5S area, or other space within your facility.

What Makes Banner Stakes Unique?

  • 2.5˝ wide belt — 25% larger than competitors for greater visibility

  • Interchangeable belts allow for repurposing without the need for total system replacement

  • 3 receiver slots enable barriers to be deployed in any configuration

  • Push-pin lock technology for added security
  • Easily move the barrier system around your facility with the Cart Package

  • Cart stores components when not in use for easy access and organization

  • Removable tray is available for transporting work tools, supplies, etc around the job site

  • Rust-proof components for indoor and outdoor use
  • Telescoping stanchion provides height flexibility for any application

  • Dual-purpose stanchion with removable spike for use in soft-ground surfaces

  • Fill bases with water, sand or anti-freeze and transport easily with carry handle

  • Customizable belts can display company branding, specific messaging and belt colors 

The ultimate tool for safety and hazard communication

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Cart Package

The PLUS Cart Package is an ideal solution for immediately creating highly visible warnings and controlling traffic where potential safety hazards may occur.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Cart holds up to 75' of barrier system
  • Made of industrial strength metal for harsh work environments
  • Robust wheels for easy maneuverable on all surfaces
  • Accessory Tray efficiently transports job tools, parts, and supplies

Set Includes:

  • (1) PLUS Cart
  • (5) PLUS Banner Heads
  • (5) PLUS Bases
  • (5) PLUS Stanchions
  • Optional Accessory Tray
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Set X5

Banner Stakes’ PLUS Barrier X5 Set is an efficient way to establish areas of safety and to communicate important warnings quickly and with a concise message.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • X5 Set allows for quick deployment of up to 60’ of barrier
  • Easily interchange belts for multiple applications
  • Push-pin lock for added security 
  • Available in OSHA compliant red, yellow, orange and black options

Set Includes:

  • (4) PLUS Banner Heads
  • (1) PLUS Receiver Head
  • (5) PLUS Bases
  • (5) PLUS Stanchions
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Set X2

The PLUS Barrier X2 Set protects any job site, facility, manufacturing plant, or event site where caution tape, barrier systems and/or warning signs may be necessary.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • X2 Set allows for quick application of up to 15’ of barrier
  • Easily interchange belts without replacing entire system
  • Telescoping stanchions are height adjustable
  • Base includes carry handle and can be filled with water or sand

Set Includes:

  • (1) PLUS Banner Head
  • (1) PLUS Receiver Head
  • (2) PLUS Bases
  • (2) PLUS Stanchions
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Set X1

The PLUS Barrier X1 Set is perfect for adding on to your Banner Stakes barrier system.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Belt end attaches to existing PLUS Line barrier solutions 
  • Banner Head features 3 receiver slots to allow for barrier set-up in any configuration
  • Available in OSHA compliant red, yellow, orange and black options
  • Adapters and attachments for various applications sold separately

Set Includes:

  • (1) PLUS Banner Head or
    PLUS Receiver Head
  • (1) PLUS Stanchion
  • (1) PLUS Base
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Fixed Wall Mount System

Banner Stakes’ Fixed Wall Mount Barrier is specially designed to be surface mounted when floor space is limited.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Bright colored belts make it easy to identify safety warnings
  • Push-pin lock technology allows you to swiftly interchange belts
  • Clean, attractive and retractable for temporary closure
  • Multiple attachment options including wood screws, wall anchors or zip ties 

Set Includes:

  • (1) PLUS Wall Mount Kit
  • (1) PLUS Banner Head

Banner Stakes In The Field

The Banner Stakes PLUS Line is designed with the flexibility and versatility necessary to immediately respond to new safety regulations and requirements that keep people safe.

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Equipment Maintenance

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It’s time for a safety solution that works just as hard as you do.