The PLUS Line Barrier System Sign Bracket


Includes (1) Sign Holder and (1) Bracket Attachment (PLUS Banner Head sold separately)

  • Attaches to the top of PLUS Banner Head to enhance marketing visibility and safety communication
  • Holds 7×11 acrylic sign
  • Part #PL4130

PLUS Barrier System Light Kit

  • Includes (1) Red LED Strobe/Solid light and (1) Bracket Attachment (PLUS Banner Head sold separately)
  • Light Kit attaches to the top of the PLUS Banner Head to increase visibility of safety
  • Part #PL4140

Magnetic Attachment For
PLUS Banner Head

  • Includes (1) Magnetic
  • Connect the Magnetic
    Attachment to the PLUS Banner
    Head in order to make the
    ribbon end magnetic
  • Allows user to quickly connect
    the retractable belt to any
    magnetic/metal surface
  • Enables user to Set-up barrier
    around any safety hazard and
    connect the receiving end to a
    metal pole, work truck, job box,
    warehouse racks, machines, etc.
  • Part #PL4190